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How Clean Are Your Filters …..

How clean are your filters …..

Filters inside air conditioners are designed to catch dust and microbes, but if not cleaned regularly, they can clog up and collect moisture and even mould.  This means that it’s not good for the air conditioner and it’s not good for you!

In dry dusty areas you may need to check and clean your filter more often.

When the filter in your air conditioner gets clogged up, it will restrict air flow from the unit.  This then means that your unit needs to work harder to get the cold air out.

The increase in work effort means the unit may work longer, consuming more electricity (and increasing your power bills).

Check with the Manufacturers recommendations on how often they suggest that you clean the filters – in some cases this may be every few weeks.  At the least, aim to clean them a couple of times a year.

A good idea is to clean the filters in spring so it’s ready for the peak season, and again when the hot season is over.

If you have a split system air conditioner make sure that the outside unit is kept clear of weeds and grass.  A quick vacuum on and around the outdoor unit will keep the spider webs down and the dust away from the system, letting it work more efficiently.

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